Реклама / Advertising

Сайт CUMGEEK.com предоставляет услуги размещения рекламных статей, обзоров, видео, рекламных баннеров и постоянных ссылок (dofollow). Менеджер по продаже рекламы: Ольга Белова — ads@cumgeek.com

CUMGEEK.com can publish:

  • Sponsored / paid article, review or video;
  • Advertising banners;
  • Permanent links (dofollow).

About CUMGEEK.com:

Site statistics ranges from 25 000 — 35 000 unique users per day. Also, we have Subscribers database (Communities: facebook, twitter, instagram, telegram), Site subscribers (more than 25,000 e-mails) and Subscribers to push notifications (more than 50,000 subscribers).

Site theme — gadgets, technologies, services (News from the world of Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, Google and other innovative companies. Reviews of smartphones, laptops, tablets, smart watches and other mobile devices).

We get visitors mainly from search engines, we also promote our website in social networks through teasers and advertisements.

Our visitors are educated people interested in science and technology. Your ad on CUMGEEK.com, the best opportunity to show, tell and fall in love with your brand to a modern-minded audience.

Write what interests you and we will provide our prices.

Advertising manager: Olga Belova — ads@cumgeek.com